Build $10,000/month business ORGANICALLY without
a penny on ads
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I've build 7 figure online business in the last 12 months
Over the last few months me and my team started sharing our knowledge with our clients
How to optimise your existing offer or create a brand new one from scratch so your audience will say only YES to it. You will learn how to optimise your existing offer to get more clients for it.
How to launch a new offer beaded on your existing audience preferences: How to price it, how to name, how to structure it etc.
You will also learn how to promote multiple offers at the same time.
Sexxy offer
What content to post to get not only followers but quiality leads ORGANICALLY!
You will be provided with our amazing promotional content strategy that's easily adopted to all niches and brands and as a result: you get alot of quiality for your business for absolutely free.
Lead generation machine
How to make sure that you close all those new leads with the highest conversion. Most entrepreneurs don't even know how many leads they loose with funnels and websites they currently use.
We will provide with the best sales website structure as well as sales funnels that will help you
Sales funnels + sales websites
How to get your first hire.
How to find a great:
to your business to optimise your business process and have more time to SCALE your business.
Where we cover:
6 years on social media
Helped 50+ clients to make $2.000.000+ collectively
6 years on social media
Helped 100+ clients to make $2.000.000+ collectively
2.5 years as a social media coach
Helped 30+ clients to make $550.000+ collectively
12 Weekly group workshops and Q&A sessions with our elite coaches!
Our coaches will be reviewing your accounts, content, sales funnels, strategies so eventually you will know exactly what you are missing to build $10,000/m business

Our coaches:
11 days content strategy (reels + stories) to make $10,000 launch
If you already have an offer and a solid base of followers who you know you can turn into sales and money
BUT you still don't make $10,000…It means you need more leads!

Worth: $10,000
Last year we created a promotional content strategy that made us $350,000 launch as well as helped dozens of our clients double and triple their leads within a few weeks!
You will see their dozens of ideas for stories and reels that can easily be adopted to any niche and brand!
How to come up with your first offer!
If you still don't know what offer to launch: low-ticket/mid-ticket/high ticket… Should it be course, coaching, Ebook or DONE FOR YOU service? Or what if you have 2 or 3 or more offers? What would be the way to promote them?
Worth: $1,000
That's why I created a master class for you where I show you step by step how to analyze your existing following and based on it create the best irresistible offer for your audience so you will make $10,000/m with it!
DMs sales script + Sales call script (Worth: $2,000)
You can have the best offer in the world as well as 1000+ leads who ready to buy. But if you don't have a right sales script in place you won't make $10,000/m business!
Worth: $2,000
I'll share with you our sales scripts that made our business $1,000,000+ in sales in the last 12 month
Whether you sell high ticket offer or low/mid ticket offer you need sales script for DM closing and sales call closing!
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3 months Access to our $10K premium community with all the lessons on content creation, offer creation, lead gen, sales funnels, sales scripts etc (you can extend access if you want)
12 Weekly LIVE group workshops and Q&A sessions with our elite coaches!
11 days content strategy (reels + stories) to make $10,000 launch
Master Class – How to come up with your first offer!
DMs sales script + Sales call script
This program costed some of our clients
You can get it today for just
We have helped dozens of people to change their lifes!
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Launch a targeted campaign.
Scale your infrastructure with our simple service.
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